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Coach Holly

Heralded a "performance anxiety expert" by NBC news, Shaw has spent the last decade helping performing artists through workshops, hypnotherapy and one on one private coaching. Her clientele has included Emmy award winning, Grammy nominated artists, international dancers, and Hollywood actors helping them to overcome stage fright, define their brand, break life threatening habits so they can crush it onstage without feeling like they're selling out or losing their sanity. 


Two time author and self-proclaimed "performance and creativity nerd" Shaw has authored two books: the Amazon bestseller, The Creative Formula, and the #1 New Release, Making Art In the Middle of Madness. She's taught several times at the SAG/AFTRA conservatories in LA and SF.  Her podcast Performers & Creators Lab Podcast was named One of the Most Outstanding Podcasts of 2019 by Databird research.

Having a difficult start as a child actor going through audition nerves and dealing with the sexual advances as a woman in entertainment, Shaw is passionate about helping others maintain their focus and create the work they are meant to create in the world despite the challenges that come from being in the spotlight.

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