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About Holly Shaw

Stand-up Comedian & Actor

Holly Shaw has been featured on comedy showcases all over Northern, CA including Cobbs, SF Punch Line, Alameda Comedy Club, Tommy T's, Neck of the Woods, Laughs Unlimited, Cheaper Than Therapy, and the Oakland Comedy Festival.


In addition to being on her way to becoming a powerful voice in comedy she is also known for producing and creating spaces where creativity and innovation thrives. She is the executive producer of The Comedy Edge on the Oakland waterfront which enjoyed a streak of sold-out weekly shows from 2020 - 2022.

Shaw is also the creator and host of the Comedy Lab Open Mic where participants write and perform new jokes all in one night which has presented workshops from 2019 - 2023.


Before finding her voice in stand-up comedy, Holly Shaw spent a lifetime on stage, T.V. and film as an actor, professional dancer and finally a speaker and coach to performing artists.  


Her past credits include starring in an ABC Afterschool Special at age 16, hosting a UK TV show, the Edinburgh Revue at 23, and dancing with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra at 33. She is the author of two books: the Amazon bestseller, The Creative Formula, and the #1 New Release, Making Art In the Middle of Madness.  

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